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This 1 year labor warranty covers any and all work we do. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that if something unexpected happens, we have your back.

Not only are we transparent about our prices, but we have flat rate pricing so you know exactly what you will pay from the beginning.

We have been around since 1923 so we have literally seen it all. We can handle any project big or small and will find a solution that works best for you.

I highly recommend H2O for all plumbing needs. They are knowledgeable and competent and without a question the best plumber we have ever used! They complete every job and go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right.

– Carolyn Gibson, Louisville, KY

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The average person uses 100 gallons of water every day. With our consumption of water through using, flushing, and washing, something is bound to go wrong eventually.

An unexpected burst pipe, a leaky toilet, a broken faucet, or a backed-up drain always seems to occur at the worst times.

Our Louisville plumbing repair experts are here when you need them most to help get you functioning back to normal and prevent future incidents.

5 Signs Your Plumbing System Needs Repair

Repairing drains and toilets is only a portion of a plumber’s job. We service all areas of plumbing within your home. Our timely plumbing repair services and reliable plumbing maintenance in Louisville, KY allow you to rest easy knowing your pipes are taken care of.

Here are a few signs to check for that may indicate your system needs a checkup.

  1. Slow draining – If you notice that your toilet or sink is draining slowly, that means that something is not right within your drain system. You might be experiencing clogs or rust in your drains, so it is best to call a professional to inspect your drains.
  2. Strange gurgling sounds – It is normal to hear some sounds when you flush your toilet. However, when you notice strange gurgling sounds that your toilet has not produced in the past, that means that something is not functioning properly. Make sure to call for a professional plumbing inspection right away and get the necessary repairs.
  3. Pipe burst – Pipe bursting is a common occurrence, especially in the winter months. Nonetheless, it is not always easy to determine where your pipe has burst and has been affected. So, you will need to call a professional plumber to examine the problem and recognize the issue so it can be fixed.The professional plumbing repair services will make sure that all of your fixtures and faucets are installed properly and will reach their expected lifespan.
  4. Unexplained puddles – If you notice puddles in your yard, but it was not raining, that means that there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. Since this is a hard issue to detect, you will need a professional plumber to resolve it.
  5. Increased utility bills – If you notice that your utility bills have become higher, it might be a sign that there is a big leak somewhere in the plumbing system, or that the water heater is working extremely hard. At this point, it is important to call for plumbing repair services to resolve the issue.

4 Benefits of Having a Functioning Plumbing System

  1. Health and safety – Functioning plumbing systems keep you healthy by providing you and your family with fresh, clean water and taking away all the contaminated stuff you don’t want to deal with. This also ensures the prevention of the spreading of diseases that can come from malfunctioning plumbing systems. By opting for a professional repair, you make sure that you avoid exposing yourself to flammable materials, electrical hazards, and water damage.
  2. Lower utility bills – Sometimes faulty plumbing systems can be the cause of increased utility bills. You may be using more water than necessary without even realizing it. However, a functioning one will make sure that water runs through the pipes only when it is needed.
  1. Desired water pressure – Low water pressure can give you a lot of headaches since it is annoying and inconvenient. You can’t wash your body, your dishes, or your clothing well with poor water pressure. A functioning plumbing system will ensure that you always have good water pressure perfect for long showers after exhausting busy days.
  1. Lower chance for emergency services – Emergency plumbing repair services are generally expensive and stressful. Nonetheless, with a functioning plumbing system, you can significantly reduce the chances of having to face one.

Plumbing repair services include drain cleaning to prevent cracking and clogging of the drain pipes.

FAQs about Plumbing Repair

If your toilet suddenly starts overflowing, try not to panic and react quickly. Simply turn off the valve located behind the toilet to prevent any further water from spilling out. Afterward, clean up any spilled water and give us a call for further assistance.

If you come across a burst pipe, it’s essential to act quickly. Start by turning off the water at the main valve and shutting off any electricity in the affected area to prevent electrical shock. Then, give us a call and we will be on location right away.

If you receive an unexpectedly high water bill, it could indicate a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. Keep in mind that even if you don’t physically see any signs of a leak, it could still be present, possibly hidden from view. The best solution is to give us a call and have your system inspected.

We recommend avoiding anything greasy, floury, and other sticky substances in your drain. These substances can build up over time and result in a clog. This blockage will then begin to impede the flow of water through your pipes and could even lead to significant plumbing issues if left unchecked.

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At Glanz Buffat, our family has been serving families in Louisville for nearly 100 years. Our goal is to ensure that your home is a safe and comfortable place. As you partner for plumbing, heating, and cooling, we offer unmatched customer service and a reputation you can count on.

  • 1-Year Labor Warranty: All of our work comes with our Buffat 1-Year Labor Warranty. If you have any issues with the work we have performed, we’ll come back and make it right at no cost to you.
  • Flat Rate Pricing: Honesty and transparency are important company values at Glanz Buffat. Our flat rate pricing removes the guesswork so you know exactly what you will pay before we start working.
  • Year of Experience: We have been around since 1923 so we have literally seen it all. We can handle any plumbing project big or small. From a leaky toilet to a new home plumbing installation, our team will find the repair solutions that work best for you.

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