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Boiler heating systems carry hot water via pipes to keep your home warm and cozy.

There are several benefits to a boiler system, which is why they need to be properly taken care of.

A boiler heater is a bit more complex than a standard furnace and requires a specific level of expertise when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

We offer a complete range of boiler repair, installation, and maintenance services in Louisville, KY to keep you and your family safe and warm during the coldest months of the year.

6 Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair

If you suspect something might be wrong with your boiler system, these six signs are the most common problems we see that indicate an issue.

Any of these signs are good indicators that it is time to call for professional boiler repair in Louisville, KY.

  1. Unpleasant smells – Sometimes, an unpleasant smell can simply mean that your boiler is dirty and there is a growth of bacteria. A good cleaning will take care of that. However, the gas smell means serious malfunction, in which case you need immediate intervention.
  2. Water leaks – Leaks should never be left unattended. While some leaks can be minor, they can quickly turn into more serious issues. Therefore, whenever you notice water leaks, call Louisville boiler repair professionals and get the necessary repairs right away.
  3. Water is not heating properly – When your boiler does not heat water as expected, there is some sort of malfunction. You will need a professional boiler repair inspection to examine the boiler and determine the problem.
  4. Increase in utility bills – If you notice that your utility bills have suddenly increased, that means that your boiler is not working properly. An increase in utility bills in the colder months is normal, but when the change is drastic, this is abnormal and should be inspected by a professional.
  5. Odd sounds coming from your boiler – Normally, your boiler will produce some sounds when working. However, those sounds should not be loud and excessive, such as kettling, whistling, or gurgling. If you hear these kinds of sounds, call for a professional boiler repair in Louisville, KY.
  6. Your boiler turns off without any particular reason – When your boiler turns off without any reason or given command, that means that something is wrong. In this case, you will need an inspection immediately to determine the issues and suggest appropriate repairs.

Boiler repair services are necessary in order to keep your boiler system in a good working order.

6 Signs You Need To Replace Your Boiler

  1. Sulfurous smells – Strange odors coming from your boiler are usually signs that something is not right with it. Most often, the smell of sulfurous or eggy odor is a sign of a gas leak. In this case, it is most likely that you will need a replacement rather than just a boiler repair, but you should first consult with a Louisville boiler repair expert.
  2. Yellow flame – When your boiler is burning, its work is indicated by a blue flame. This is a normal sign that shows that your boiler is working as expected. However, if you notice a yellow flame, this may be a sign of leaking carbon monoxide which can be fatally dangerous.
  3. Increased energy bills – As time passes, boilers tend to lose their efficiency, so they do not work as in the beginning, resulting in a sudden increase in your energy bills. This is highly possible if the boiler is more than 15 years old, but it is best to ask for a professional opinion.
  4. Frequent shutting-offs – If your boiler starts to shut off frequently, then it might be time to consider a replacement. Although boilers are not cheap, it is better to have a functioning one than to spend money on repairs that start to become constant.
  5. Vibrating noises – Motor or blowing noises coming from the boiler are generally normal and harmless. However, if you hear something unusual, such as banging, or vibrating, then it might mean that you have a problem with the central heating system and a replacement is usually the best solution.
  6. Gas leaks – Every boiler should function without any leaks. If you notice black stains around your boiler, then you should call for emergency service for boiler repair in Louisville, KY because you might have a gas leak that can have serious consequences.

3 Benefits of Having a Functioning Boiler

  1. Improved energy efficiency – An old boiler releases an excessive amount of unused energy when heating water and regulating the temperature in a house. When your utility bills suddenly increase, your boiler might not work properly. Because it is designed to work optimally, a new boiler can source power more effortlessly than an outdated model. Regular boiler inspections will ensure that your boiler is functioning accordingly, and you are not running the risk of overheating or wasting money on repairs on an outdated model.
  2. Decreased costs – A new functioning boiler will make sure that your heating system works properly and efficiently. This means a decrease in your energy bills. A functioning boiler works to its maximum efficiency, using less fuel (and reduced costs) to heat your house. A new boiler also eliminated any unexpected boiler repairs in the future due to an aging unit.
  3. Safety and comfort – A functioning boiler will provide comfort for your home so you can relax without disturbances. Boiler repair can be a tricky job, involving dangerous procedures. If you are not experienced, you might not know how to handle specific types of issues with your boiler, putting yourself in danger. With a functioning boiler that heats safely, you can protect the safety and comfort of your home and family.

FAQs about Boiler Repair

A standard boiler that heats homes can cost from $2,500 to $7,000. On the other hand, high-efficiency boilers can cost from $5,000 to $11,000.

Generally, boilers last between 10-15 years for a standard household. However, several factors can impact the duration of a boiler’s lifespan, such as the make and model, maintenance frequency, usage level, and installation quality.

You should have your boiler inspected and serviced at least once a year. This way you ensure that it is working efficiently.

Why Choose Us

Boilers are not as common in modern homes as they used to be, so finding a qualified plumber in Louisville, KY can be difficult. You need someone with experience in the industry and expertise in today’s modern boiler systems.

  • Year of Experience: We have been around since 1923 when boilers were much more popular. We have seen the evolution of boiler systems and are well-versed in today’s units. For any type of question, installation, or boiler repair in Louisville, KY we can help you find the best solution for your home.
  • 1-Year Labor Warranty: We know that the services we provide are reliable, and we confidently offer a 1-Year Labor Warranty on ANY work we do. This provides peace of mind knowing that if something unexpected happens, we show up and take care of the problem right away.
  • Flat Rate Pricing: We believe in transparency and honesty every step of the way. Our flat rate pricing allows you to see exactly what you will pay from the beginning with no hidden fees or last-minute changes.

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A boiler can be an incredibly reliable heat source when installed and maintained properly. Many boiler systems can last twice as long as a typical furnace, but they must receive the proper boiler repairs, care, and maintenance over the years.

If it’s time to give your boiler a little TLC, give us a call today!

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